What better way to greet the new boss than with a personalized demonstration of how awful you can be?
Defunding Disinfo (11/26/21) ft/ Claire AtkinListen now (32 min) | Hate and misinformation is a lucrative business for those willing to set aside their morals. Check My Ads is hoping to do somethi…
Ahead of the the jury ruling on Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict, right-wing cranks have laid two sets of narrative tracks
What to expect for the rest of the year of SH!TPOST
A Year in MAGA (11/12/21) ft/ Amanda MooreListen now (29 min) | Amanda spent a year undercover documenting pro-Trump communities and subcultures. She joins the show to talk about her experience.
The Trump era brought us a subgenre of hyper-partisan hip-hop. It's still going.
Our Modern Moral Panics (10/26/21) ft/ Michael HobbesListen now (43 min) | Fears that an 'anti-liberal' left is gaining over society should be understood as a public hysteria that often falls apart under …
Several prominent influencers in the conspiracy movement are at each other’s throats… again
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