Election denialist roadshows touring the country and inspiring action — Trapezoid of…Listen now (33 min) | Conspiratorial influencers are drawing crowds to hear a false gospel alleging corruption in the 2020 election and encouraging them to join their battle
Some ‘populist Left’ figures have suggested meshing with the far-right on limited issues. It’s a god-awful idea.
More like Mar-a-Lame-o if you ask me — Emmi Conley (8/15/22)Listen now (34 min) | The far-right internet erupts after an FBI search at Trump's house, Sen. Mike Lee's person account is ruled 'cringe', and Dark…
Right-wing slop shops called the tune and mainstream news outlets credulously lined up to dance
Your January 6th Hearing Questions, Answered — Kristen Doerer (7/16/22)Listen now (44 min) | We took questions from Substack and Twitter followers about the latest January 6th hearings
What questions do you have about the January 6 hearings?Hi all! I missed the last episode due to wedding things, so I’m prepping something to go out next week to make up for it. I thought the January …
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I just got married and let me tell you folks I am exhausted
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